A late-found brethren, Peter Morrison, writes:
A quick update from Sweden. Have gotten my act together and managed to find some some flights to get to Sydney town in time for the reunion. Needless to say I have to risk life and limb to fly Air Egypt or Garuda etc via Atens, Cairo, Jakarta etc etc. Am still trying to get leave from the company (compassion for my old dying mother). Will send my confirmation and credit card info for the event. Have also just gotten time to look at the Website and some of the Bio-Blow from old old frieds like Alan Johnson, Paddy Dawson, even Ross Nicoll and Barry Siverton ( We all played that game for pussies called basketball) For your info and AL J's, I think 2 of the 3 guys in the car trunk are Paul Hohnen and John Harkness (also had the misfortune to become a Chartered Accountant like Bill Scott and myself). If you check with John I guess we can identify the third.

Ps my only regret is that after all the hullabaloo, I must confess that, at first I couldn't place this teacher Jeanette Spies. I unfortunately never had Jeanette S´pies for anything´(she was that gorgeous French teacher all the guys masturbated over no?). Oddly enough the name is Danish and in Sweden is famous (the founder of a travel agent company who then romped off with a Swedish model called Jannie). My French is now superb (compared to what it was then) after 5 years of romantic adventure in Quebec and a half-house in France, so I look forward to catching up on my lecons.

Was also greatly distressed to see Robin Winkler and Murray Sime listed as deceased. Does anyone have any details? Chris Tennant was with Robin W a lot? Who knew Murray Sime well? John Ball became a Dentist. He was in my class and as I recall, lived at Northbridge. He was well off even then. Any k-news. As for that old shag artist a & dope smoker Paddy Dawson, I was how his Clarinette is ?? Do you all remember that musical "review" at end of year. Paddy was also making kids at 48, unbelievable!!

Colin Saltmarsh's photo contribution:
left rear Rob Winkler ; centre ? Chris Hunt ? (his sister Libby would have been less difficult) ; do not recognise right rear ; left front Ian Thomas ; right front Chris Tennant ... who at the time was years from shaving, and later never quite got the hang of it .... so gave up.