Alan Johnson writes:

I would be interested in meeting up with members of the Falcon Smokers Club which met often at lunchtime and during Yak's double economics period on Friday afternoon. One of us ( not me) had the only key to an old sports equipment store which was adjacent to the main building. The store provide a secret and airless smoking lounge and provided both active and passive smoking for participants. I think Marlboro was the go at the time despite costing 3/6 compared the going rate of 3/3 for most other brands. Even then, quality was important.

Chris Wills writes:

A further small piece of YAK trivia.

His fame is definitely international. A fellow NSBHS leaver (actually1962), on a visit to China in 1966, managed to place the ubiquitous YAK logo on the Great Wall - Not sure if it survived the cultural revolutionů.!