Ian Thomas writes (about the photo): Quiz - very simple. These are the Greenwich boys, or some of them. The Keiths, Graham Balfe, Lindsay Black are amongst the missing. Back row from the left Robin Winkler, Chris Hunt, John Cowie(where is he now?). Front Ian Thomas, Chris Tennant. We were obviously all incredibly happy about something. Possibly taken down on Greenwich Point at Greenwich baths. If I am wrong in any aspect here blame the very grainy photo.

However, since then Graham Balfe has disputed that it is not him... so who is it, or if it is Graham, why is he denying it....

Martin Coles, however, has finally got round to examining the first photo quiz [by the way, all the photos and past e-mails can be seen on the web-page www.NSBHS1961.com - courtesy of Tony friend] and writes: Re photo comp No 1: Nigel - 2 (NSBH Cadets boarding train)Guy on the left (not the one in bottom left corner) is George Betts. George was a year ahead of us and did his LC in 1960 but we were good friends for a number of years.