Dear Ron,
This message is to add to the collection mentioned in your last message. I simply want to add my own thanks to the ones you've already received. The effort you and the other committee members put in was enormous, and I felt that the end result was fittingly excellent. Here's hoping that there can be a repeat in 2011!
Best wishes,
Ross Thomas

Ron, strength to you, to Marc, to Barry, to Harley, to Dave who all who did so much to make the weekend the great success it was. The general catching up was great as was the particular - for me seeing Ron Matthews after 35 odd years bought back many memories. In fact Ron phoned last night and said he couldn't stop thinking about old times since the event. Your last email had "there wasn't supposed to be any more" in the title. Totally wrong Witton, this is now bigger than all of us and cannot be stopped. We are now a vast tontine moving irresistably on - all looking forward to next October's casual Sunday and then the next.
Again, great work and enjoy your next vacation!
Ian Kaplin

Ron, I shall report on the financial position in the next days. I'm sure we are in the black.
Barry Silverton

Dear Ron, I appreciate that people must be pretty burnt out after all the organising of the wekend, but I wondered if at some time in the future someone might be able to summarise the key moments of the evening for those of us who were unable to be there, and also for the record?
Geoff Kewley

Anyone wants to try?????

Regards, Ron