Ian Campbell

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My name was incorrectly listed as Graham Campbell in the original search, when it was (and still is) Ian Graeme Campbell.

After graduation from University of Sydney, I worked in several law firms in Sydney, ran my own legal practice in the Blue Mountains, married Virginia in 1974, moved to Brisbane in 1978 when I became an academic in the Law School of QUT (1978-1986).

Our twin sons James and Ben were born in 1981, and then we all moved to Perth when I took a job in the Faculty of Law at UWA (1986-2001). I managed a few postgraduate degrees along the way. I was Dean of the Faculty of Law (1996-2000) before I quit in 2001 and turned to less scholarly pursuits.

Virginia, also a collector of degrees, is a lawyer.

We continue to live in Perth. Our sons work in London, one in advertising and one in architecture. We try to lure them and accompanying partners across the Channel once a year by the enticing cooking smells emanating from a farmhouse in the Loire Valley or in Tuscany. So far it has worked.