Jim Carlsson

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I didn't intend to write but the thought that large numbers of people planned to speak at this function has lead me to say a few words.

I remember going to , I think, the 25th reunion .This was held in the school hall and just as we were about to enjoy a delightful meal an obvious Trotskyite claiming to be the current Head Master launched into an attack on the then State Government and it's education policies . When I reminded him that I didn't consider this an appropriate time for this address a couple of his minions tried to remove me from the function . They didn't realise that teachers had been trying to do this since I started at N.S.B.H.S in 1955 .

The above incident may not have occurred at a reunion of those people who left in 1961 . Considering the amount of time I spent at Falcon Street I have quite a range of reunions to attend . The only thing that I regret from my time at high school was not taking Luigi's advise, leave school and join North Sydney Council's Sanitary Department .

Matriculating , not only to my own surprise but also my father's , who was heard to remark that if I could achieve this given the amount of work that I had put in , he would attempt the same .He of course did not know that school had realised that the only way to get rid of me was to give me a pass . I won't bore you with to much of the domestics . Married to an obviously very understanding wife for nearly 35 years , two loving daughters . Have lived in Killara for the last 25 years . Still have wife but daughters have been replaced with Black Lab's much easier to raise .

Retired two years ago and now fill my days playing tennis , lunching with friend of long standing , the term old is no longer used ,and playing the stock market but not at the present .