Peter Copleston

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After NSBH started Architecture at Sydney University and failed 1st year (nobody told me you had to be able to draw) and architecture seemed a good choice for a lad whose maths ability was napalmed by Mr James in 3rd year...hence couldn't be an engineeer ( sigh ). In due course graduated from UNSW with Honours degree in Commerce majoring in psychology...cheated to pass 4th year psychology statistics test.

Ended up working for Hugh Mackay as advertising researcher at George Patterson Advertising 1968-69. Ran away to Canada in early 1970 and soon met and married Judy ( only and still lovely Canadian wife ). After nigh on 20 years working successfully in the marketing research business in Toronto, Canada returned to Hugh Mackay and Sydney in 1990. Like architecture this didn't work out and ended up reluctantly as a one man research company in Sydney from 91-99. Then was transmuted into manager of a lovely North Shore retirement resort in Waitara ( The Grange ) till 2005. Judy and I have 2 children, one here and one in Toronto. We are committed Christians and committed tennis players. My memories of 1961 are very faded. I wasn't a sports star or in the cadets and only qualified for the OD scripture class...hopefully I'm a late bloomer!

We are now retired and living in Westleigh, a suburb that did not exist when we did our leaving certificates. We have only 2 grandchildren but our son in Toronto may yet add to that number.

I think life is supposed to be about loving God and the world he made and all that flows from such an attitude.