Bruce Gerard

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Thanks Ron for the nostalgic entertainment. I was lucky to finish NSBHS said year on the strength of being allowed up to 5th year "on trial",as I think I had only passed Eng & French, but must have gone fairly close in M1, M2,Phys & Chem to allow this. I also had the added responsibility of CSM ( 'A' company no less ) , and a few games at half-back for the 3rds that year, but was lucky to get enough of an LC pass to get me into the new faculty of Medicine at UNSW. With the advantage of Banjo's grounding in Latin, Peter Keith's lecture notes, and some Maths tutoring from a Crows Nest High graduate ( now a Prof. Surgery at RNSH ) who was also in my year, I snuck through the first year.

Those good buddies left me to battle alone,later on in the course, but suffice to say I eventually graduated. Residency at POW-PHH and St Margaret's Hosp. was followed by a fairly long sojourn in UK, used to travel (mostly in Europe) but somewhat rationalised by joining a Royal College in Paediatrics. I returned to work in Darwin (pc) and various missions in the territory. Then married Anne a country girl I had met on the Air Ambulance, settled in Bega 'til the kids were older then relocated to Goulburn. We are blessed with a daughter Amy (at SU doing Liberal Studies ) and son Hugo about to have a go at the LC. Good health will allow me to continue to consult for another 10 years I hope and I keep the "Old timer's " at bay by learning lines for parts in the local theatre productions, and chasing the wily trout. Regards to the lads and thanks for the memories, Will see you on the Sunday.