Tim Green

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After school I embarked on a Civil Engineering course at Sydney Uni. graduating in 1966 with Lindsay Black who was the only other NSBHS student in my year ......that I can remember. My chosen career took me into construction and as a result a series of moves all over Australia and Asia. I started in Newcastle and after 2 years changed companies to Leighton where I spent a big part of my career in places such as Canberra, Bombala, Brisbane, then to Mandurah near Perth, Roebourne in the NW, back to Townsville, Brisbane again, Hong Kong for 5 years and finally back to Brisbane in 1983 where I remain today.

During my travels I met and married Frances on my first visit to Brisbane and we have 3 lovely girls who were born in Perth, Brisbane and Hong Kong ......I have a very patient and understanding wife! In 1991 Leighton and I parted company, and I teamed up with a friend and business associate from early days and formed our own construction company. This company (BMD Green) was quite successful and undertook construction projects throughout Queensland. I sold my 50% share to my partner who is developing the business Australia wide as the BMD Group.

Along the way my main sporting interest and hobby became sailing and boating. I have owned a wide variety of sailing boats and motor cruisers ranging from a motorised Chinese Junk to sailing dinghies to a share in a cruise charter vessel. I am also busy with my other hobby ....orchid growing.

I retired in 2004 after doing a small private development which got me outdoors doing some physical work in the fresh air on Mt. Tamborine. I married off my 3 daughters, then I spent 2-3 years refitting a boat and now go cruising each year in the boat up the coast of Qld.

One of the highlights of my life was a trip to Antarctica aboard a Russian Icebreaker ....a truly unforgettable experience!!