Brian Hendy

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Life after the NSBH has treated me kindly. A high-light was being Rod Wise's best man. I achieved a bachelor of Commerce (Economics) from NSW and a Programming diploma from The Govt (PIT). Later I challenged the Dept of Trade in developing policies to expand trade in South America, Carribean, Canada and the United States. I then moved back into computers working for Transport, Aviation and ATO. The move to Tax was unexpected and resulted in my heading a team to develop a tender to take the ATO into the future (this was 1989) - five years of my life and the ATO had their 650 M solution. Later I was seconded to Parliament and finalised an enquiry into the Defence supply system that had been festering for 20 years. Life after that was equally exciting as I moved to a business analytical position to simplify record keeping for small business. I actually achieved a lot but retired before the GST (lets get rid of the GST).

Now happily living on the Sunshine Coast and counting my blessings.