Pete Jack

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I recall a few of the chaps at the UNSW where I studied Commerce part time, but to pay the bills I joined the Commonwealth Bank where early on became involved in the early generation of computers. By the late 70s I was working on implimentation of the banks ATM system having overcome the prevailing management thinking that "nothing will replace the grey passbook". Tired of scrambling up the greasy corporate pole the bank & I parted company in 1980. Moving to Brisbane I put on the white shoes & did what everyone did in Qld. in the 80s- Real Estate & property development. These were wonderful days & was truely a "sunny place for shady people."

All good things come to an end so in 1990 at 46 & new wife Isabel turned slightly feral & moved to Nimbin to grow small crops. Am sure some of the familiar faces that drifted thru Nimbin in the 90s had a connection with NSBHS More recent times saw us washed up on the beach at Byron Bay, where Isabel is the local marriage celebrant. I dont have deadlines,wear a watch, sport the Byron ponytail & hope to enjoy the Byron lifestyle for another 40 years. PS. I believe the Com Bank spent $100 mill. fixing my original application programs as part of their Y2K fix.