Peter Keith

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After graduating from UNSW in 1968 I did my residencies at POW , PHH , RHW and Crown St. Hospitals in Sydney. I married Margaret in 1970. In 1972 we did 3 terms of missionary training at St Andrew’s Hall in Melbourne and went to Tanzania in 1973.

Two of our three boys were born in Tanzania, where we served from 1973 to 1979, working in two Anglican church hospitals. Apart from general hospital and obstetric work. I helped train village health workers. Brian Adams from our year also served in Tanzania at much the same time - in leprosy work.

We had hoped to return to Tanzania in 1980 after doing a Tropical Medicine Diploma in Liverpool, UK but for various reasons weren’t able to.

In 1981 I was invited to join a Christian general practice in Wagga, and we have been here ever since. Our practice currently has 4 doctors and has recently expanded and refurbished. We would want to strongly resist corporatisation.

In 1993 I became the first part-time Executive Director/Coordinator of the new Wagga Wagga and District Division of General Practice and did that for 4 years . These Divisions across Australia over the last 8 years have helped change the shape of General Practice quite considerably. Professionally I have been vitally interested in the broad aspects of general practice, and accreditation, together with Diabetes, Asthma, and drug addiction. I am the sole private Methadone prescriber in Wagga, and see a lot of heroin addicts.

I have been a Rotarian for 16 years, but not as active as some, due to the pressure of work. Like much of rural Australia we don’t find it easy to attract new GPs to Wagga, although hopefully this will change with the advent of a clinical school of the UNSW IN Wagga.

For the last 10 years I have presented a monthly classical music program on Community Radio, with a particular interest in classical vocal. I was very pleased back in May to visit Monty Fox in Canberra and do a brief slot on his community radio program after he contacted me through my earlier email in February where I suggested strongly we all do short bios !!

I have remained active and committed in Anglican, ecumenical, and welfare and evangelistic work. I have enjoyed working in a Christian environment in the practice.

My wife of 31 years works as a community nurse, with a particular interest in palliative care. None of our three boys followed into medicine, and all have moved on. We encourage reinvigoration of life in provincial, rural and remote Australia.