Terry Keith

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"After high school I gained an Arts Degree at Sydney University, completed a Dip.Ed, and started high school maths teaching at Seven Hills High, followed by Forbes High. Returning to Sydney, I taught at Beacon Hill High and married Christina in 1973. (We are still married and celebrate our 28th wedding anniversary next week.) We moved to Tumut where I was Maths subject master for 7 years. During this time we adopted Naomi and Sarah as babies.

I became a Christian believer at 15, and subsequently was an active youth worker in camps and missions. In 1982 I accepted a position as ISCF Staffworker with Scripture Union in Brisbane. We had 8 very happy years working fulltime with holiday camps and school groups.

During this time we also adopted Ian as a 7 year old child. He is now 25 and working in Tasmania. Naomi, 23 and Sarah 21, are still at home. Naomi is teaching English to Asian adults and Sarah is looking for work.

I returned to teaching in 1989 and have taught at Rochedale, Waterford and Cleveland high schools in Brisbane. Chris has taught primary, infants and TAFE and is currently Registrar at Upper Mt Gravatt State School.

My interests continue to be doing Christian work, bushwalking, golf, photography and gardening. My main memories of NSBHS, which I attended for 4th and 5th years only, are: the first eleven being thrashed by Melbourne Grammar in Melbourne; scoring 50 points in a season in the 3rd fifteen; and, like my twin brother Peter, being a prefect. I must have been a goody as I remember very little of the pranks many others refer to so fondly.