Doug Mill

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Dropped out of Uni, completed Teachers Certificate and taught for 3 years. Career in selling and marketing in Travel, Textiles and Building. Own business for 20 years in commercial building products - insulation, noise reduction and solar with Distributor Network.

Wife - Shanti.
Children - Justine (23) B.M.S. 1st Hons (2nd year Medicine,Sydney), Nicholas (19) Graphic Design

Interests - Rugby, Golf, Spiritual.

Anecdote - 1963/4 I attended Wagga Wagga Teacher's College. On arrival, who should I see but the renowned Cyril Boardman .

Because of my weaknesses at school, particularly in English with Shakespeare, I had been extremely uncomfortable with him.

Now, with a fresh start and a couple of extra years of maturity under my belt, I have to say, I found him extremely interesting in lectures and a good friend around Campus. Probably not as big an age gap as I had imagined in school.

Which brings to mind how we perceive our teachers - OLD. I had Bill Toft in first year for Science. Because of his whitish coloured hair I thought of him as very old. Imagine my consternation when I bumpted into him at the local RSL 8 or 9 years ago, looking no older than at school. He should have been dead based on my perception of his teaching age.

Anecdote - 1974/5, I spent 2 years in Fiji in a P.R. roll for Pacific Harbour. One particular day I was in a party entertaining Australia's Governor General and bride for lunch. They were on their Honeymoon. She, of course, was introduced as Lady Kerr.

Immediately I met her I, I knew her. But where from? Over the next hour, I was simply gauche,brash, awkward and un-diplomatic in my questioning of her (and him) and there appeared to be no answer.

As they were boarding the plane to leave, my senior explained that she had previously been a Nancy Robson and, of course, it immediately clicked. But, too late.