Ian Monro

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As I intended, I ended up as an electrical engineer via a cadetship at English Electric and UNSW.

Won the lottery and served in the Signals Corps in Sth. Vietnam just after marrying Jill who has shown particular stubbornness in sticking with me to the present time. Two children resulting, one started travelling a some years back and has not returned. He is currently a cardiac technician in a London Hospital. Daughter seems intent on academic career in Environmental Science - 2 degrees with a Phd. in the offing.

After short stints in Kreisler Radio and Telectronics I settled in the Testing Branch of Energy Australia where I am currently Principal Consultant covering testing & certification of light electrical equipment, appliances, IT and electromedical equipment and EMC. This has provided opportunities for travel in Europe and SE Asia through standards committees and laboratory accreditation programmes.

With some surprise, as the years have really flown, I am watching signs gathering of imminent retirement before the following herd of baby-boomers absorb all the resources.