Peter Morrison

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1962/67 UNSW Commerce degree.

Worked a Chartered accountants firm 1962-65/part-time studies Graduated UNSW. Worked at Price Waterhouse as Chartered Accountant in Sydney until 1968.

Moved to PW, Montreal Canada until end 1973.

Moved to Stockholm, Sweden (first time) with PW. Qualified as Chartered Secretary (UK) 1972 New job at Alfa-Laval AB in Sweden as auditor, then financial controller. Worked as fc at Alfa subsidiary company in Malaysia, Singapore, Bahrain.

Returned to Sweden 1881. Been suffering here since. Worked for various companies as finance manager, controller, director in Sweden 1882-2001. Completed MBA degree at Uppsala University in 1993.

Presently at TeleCity (colocation/telehousing company as finance manager.