Dave Nolan

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I headed for Sydney Uni and picked up a B.Sc. and a B.E. (Elec). I also discovered girls, cars, snooker, stud poker and pubs. I married Wendy at Uni and we had a child in my final year in 1966. This was Petra who now works in TV and Film production and is part way through a Ph.D. Brendan arrived in 1968. He is a Marine Biologist working at various aquariums throughout the world. He feeds sharks, trains seals and manages construction of the underwater tanks. Daniel was born in 1970. He teaches in Maths/English at schools in Thailand speaking fluent Thai. None of the kids are married and I have no grandchildren that I know of.

After Uni, I worked for OTC in the Telegraph area designing relay sets. I made Grade 2 Engineer after 2 years and thought I would try computers. I started with Honeywell in Computer Controls and learnt Assembly Language programming. My next job was programming key to disk data entry systems with a small company called TSS. I left there in 1976 to form Prometheus Software.

I had many and varied contracts over the years. Computer communications s/w, microprocessor code, poker machine cheat monitoring software, 16-bit minicomputer operating system code, racetrack betting terminal microcode etc.

Wendy and I divorced in 1978 and I moved to Melbourne. I acquired 6 programmers from a company in financial trouble and we started to develop a Business Accounting (ERP) system and a 4GL database language. Shortly afterwards, I met my current wife Sue. We married in 1988 and moved to Sydney where we lived on various motorcruisers (42ft, 52ft, 55ft) and established a Prometheus Sydney office and later one in Brisbane.

Prometheus grew eventually to 150 staff doing $20M a year with 800 clients. After 23 years at the helm of Prometheus I sold out and retired in 1999. Sue and I bought a 300 acre cattle property in the Southern Highlands. Recently we sold that and now live on 2 acres in Bowral.

Our hobbies are gardening, making preserves (Bowral Boutique Preserves) and competing in motorsport Supersprints. We recently purchased a 10 metre Winnebago motorhome and plan to travel with our Jack Russel dog "Lochie" and take it easy.