David Peterson

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My memories of NSBHS have been kindled by reading the CVs of others and following all the chat about staff and students. I don't think the school was as significant in my experience as it was for others. I was ill-prepared for university and found that the three years after school were the most important for my own self-development and academic progress. I did Arts at Sydney University, majoring in Psychology, subsequently doing the MA and contemplating a career in Psychology. But my other great interest at the time was film making. I worked with various members of the SU Film Group and once did a very arty piece with Robin Winkler. I spent 3 months as a film editor with ABC TV and investigated the possibility of training as a film director.

However, the most important thing that happened to me while I was at NSBHS was that I became a Christian. My over-riding passion after university was to study theology and become a pastor. So I went to Moore College for four years and obtained the London BD as an external student. I was ordained in 1968 and went to be the assistant minister at St Matthew's Manly for two years. After that I was invited back to Moore College as a lecturer in biblical studies. This led to a three year stint at the University of Manchester (1975-8), where I did a PhD in New Testament and had my first experience of living in England with my family. Soon after returning to OZ, I became the Rector of St Michael's Wollongong for 4 years, before returning to Moore College as a lecturer. Since 1996 I have been the principal of Oak Hill Theological College in London.

I married Lesley (an Orthoptist) in 1970 and she is still my best friend! We had three sons, who are living and working in Sydney. Mark (28) has had a career in business but is spending a year studying theology at Moore College and is still thinking about his future. Chris (26) is a self-employed builder, recently married to Nicole (the only married son so far). Daniel (23) works for Angus and Robertsons but is seeking to develop a career in music if at all possible. The difficulty of our present position is being away from them all for so long each year. Due to the fact that we have just had a trip to OZ, I will sadly not be able to be present for the reunion, but hope it is a great time for all.