Ian Pettigrew

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Finished @ NSBHS in 1961 and managed to pass fairly well but the oldies insisted I go with them to Melbourne( the old man was with the Shell Co).

1962 was at Melbourne High which was very good and a lot of time playing sport, even union. 1963 started medicine at Melbourne uni and graduated in 1968. Two years at a general teaching hospital and then 3 years doing Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the Royal Womens hospital for which I am organising a 30 year reunion.

Went to Malaysia as the O&G specialist to the RAAF at Butterworth for 9/12( an appropriate time for an O&G) then off to the UK for 3 years. Just before starting at the Womens I married and had 2 sons before leaving for Malaysia. On returning from the UK I spent 7 years in Hamilton in western Victoria before moving to Warrnambool in the South west of Victoria as a specialist O&G and am still here. In the intervening period I have remarried and now have 2 daughters aged 7 & 5 and so will be working for the next 20 or so years and so will look forward to the 50th and 60th reunions. Look forward to the 20th Oct.