Hillar Poder

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After completing my studies, I worked with the former Electricity Commission of NSW for over 20 years. The work was interesting enough, the pay was reasonable and the working conditions were good. Nobody expected you to work more than the requisite hours, and this enabled me to conduct both entertaining and profitable pursuits in parallel with my career.

In 1988 I stepped out of my comfort zone, accepted a voluntary redundancy package and launched myself into the private sector. I remained in electrical engineering working with a number of electrical contractors and engineering consultants. Having worked my way through the ranks, I am now a director of a thriving engineering and energy management consultancy called Enginuity, based in St. Leonards.

I met my wife-to-be, Diane at the University of NSW where we were both students. We married in 1968 and we are still together. Our two children, Sharlene (27) and Glenn (25), now lead successful lives of their own but remain in close contact.

I have mixed memories of my student days at NSBHS, but they are mostly good. Like some other former students, I agree that our education seems anachronistic by today’s standards. However, it was probably as good as you could have had in those days.

As I matured and went about the task of raising children and paying off the mortgage, most of my adolescent dreams and ideals dissolved, one by one. I soon came to realise that I would not change the course of history, compose a memorable symphony, or even wear the baggy green. Nevertheless, I have had some good times along the way and I would like to think that my modest contribution to our society will be regarded favourably by those who know me.

I could have theoretically retired some years ago, but I am enjoying work too much. Besides, I still have just a few dreams left, and a few mountains to climb. I guess I will retire one day and do some more travelling, more sailing and play some golf.

I look forward to catching up with my old friends at the reunion, some of whom I have known since my days at Mosman Primary and Fort Street Primary. I formed some great friendships at NSBHS and I regret not making a greater effort to remain in touch. However, life goes on and everybody’s priorities change. I guess I have some catching up to do on October 20.