Wayne Ryan

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Following NSBHS, I found myself doing agricultural science at Sydney University, primarily I think on the basis of a Vocational Guidance recommendation which picked up on my interest in things rural. Unfortunately this interest was largely the result of holidays on a farm near Tamworth with a family including two delightful daughters, rather than any real interest in agriculture.

However, I found that I enjoyed the course once I started to specialise in agricultural economics and this led to a position in the then Bureau of Agricultural Economics in Canberra. After five years in commodity research positions, I was posted to London as an agricultural attache for three years.

Somewhat to my surprise, I then ended up spending my whole career in the Commonwealth agriculture department in its various guises in a range of policy advising/program administration positions concerned with domestic and export marketing of Australian food.. At the time of my retirement at the end of 1999, my main responsibilities were programs aimed at improving Australia's export performance to Asia, particularly through improved supply chain management.

In 1969, I married Judy Henry, a pharmacist, and we have two adult sons. Steven works for a Canberra Internet company and Trevor has now been in Japan for a bit over a year, teaching English after completing an Arts Law degree.

Since retirement at the end of 1999, I have had a great time, including exploring parts of Australia I haven't seen before in our four wheel drive camping van, and more time at our beach house at Broulee on the NSW south coast.

Long time member of the ALP. Very disappointed at not achieving the republic for the new millennium thanks to the efforts of that miserable John Howard.