Richard Sweet

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I have been here at the OECD for about three years now, and look like being here for at least another three, and maybe another five. It will certainly see me up to the point at which I cease wage labour, but hopefully not work. I originally came over here for a short period in 1998 to work on a project on the transition from school to work, ended up being asked to stay for another two years (an offer that was in the wind in the first place), and then had the contract extended for a further three years. At the moment I am mainly working on a project on policies for information, guidance and counselling services, am likely to be starting some work on teachers later in the year, and next year some work on the ways that ICT is shaping educational policy making. Together they should keep me busy for the next few years. Patsy has retired from wage labour and is recreating herself as a painter, complete with a classic Paris garret as a studio.