Ian Thomas

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I'm one of a significant # who enjoyed schooldays so much I stayed another year, although I anticipated my enjoyment by doing 1ST year twice so I had a foot in both 61 and 62 camps. What effort I did put in was mostly directed to sport in which I enjoyed modest success. Part of this was soccer so Ish did his not inconsiderable best to be unpleasant. My highlight which I am now revealing publicly for the first time and which occurred in 62 was a dishonourable discharge from cadets on the grounds of irresponsible discharge of firearms. My excuse was that I was seeking to prove that the bouncing bomb theory worked as well across the tennis courts using our trusty 303/22's as it had for the dam busters. Captain Cook, Roger's older brother I think, ran the formal ceremony- parchment scroll, buttons/stripes torn off. Gave me a real sense of achievement. I've had a most fortunate life - did accountancy - didn't everyone who was at a bit of a loose end?

Successful practice. Done a lot of travel. Kept up the sport. Married to the same woman. 3 talented adult kids. 34 years ago moved from Greenwich to Wahroonga and 2 years ago back to Greenwich. Both were very expensive moves. The smarties like Tennant stayed in Greenwich. 3 kms from the CBD yet still so remote with many 2nd and 3rd generation families in residence. In the dead of night I'm sure I've seen 2 headed joggers.

My practice is only about 300 yards from the school on Pacific H'way and I can frequently be found with one or more of my partners at Café 88 just up the road, providing ample opportunity to observe the present NSBHS denizens. The cultural mix has changed somewhat. White kids obviously aren't as bright as they were in our day.