Marc Thompson

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I graduated from Sydney Uni with a B. Sc. and joined BHP as a programmer in training in 1965. Spent 27 years in IT with 18.5 at BHP before taking on General Manager roles in charge of IT at the Sydney and Melbourne Stock Exchanges, Citibank's retail bank and CIG. Attended Aust. Admin. Staff College Mt Eliza in 1979. Changed career in 1992 joining RetireInvest Sydney. Now a Certified Financial Planner with a Diploma of Financial Planning. I have a successful business with over 200 clients, mainly in the pre-retirement and retirement markets.

Married to Gail (from England) since 1968. Daughter Amanda (aged 30) has BA (Hons) from Sydney and works as a business analyst for C&W Optus. Son Sam (aged 28) has a B Sc. (Comp. Sci.) (UTS) & is ex NSBHS 1985-90. He is currently working in Europe for a US IT consultancy based in Dublin. Both have dual citizenship which is handy on the job front. I have been sailing on and off since age 15 and have owned a sailboard since turning 50. I am also interested in public speaking, currently President of NSW Rostrum Club 12. In the past I have been a director of 2 credit unions too. I have lived and worked in Newcastle (twice), Melbourne (twice) before returning to Mosman in 1984.

My school memories are rather dim but coming back with the flood of stories. I do remember John Newcombe's tennis display and a sign presumably one muck up day "Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter". I remember wagging school with some others to attend a Claxton Shield interstate baseball match only to see our photo in the Herald the next day as we sat near first base watching the action. I remember throwing tennis balls (but not fruit) over the buildings into the next quadrangle. I remember telling my 1E French teacher Mr Seiffert that I thought he was 35 to find out that he was nothing like that, just prematurely bald, embarrassing!