Charles Troutman

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At the end of 1957, I left NSBHS for the hospital for foot surgery, the anticipation of which did not help matters for me that year. But, I returned to repeat First Year, and continue at NSBHS until 1961, when my father was asked to return to the United States to accept a position there.

At NSBHS, I made new friends, my grades improved, and I grew up. I was in the top class there until our return to the US. There, I finished High School, majored in college in Anthropology, and went on to study law. After a JD (US first degree in law) and a Masters in a branch of International Law, I came to Guam, a U.S. Territory. Here I have worked since 1970. I have been with the territorial government (Attorney General's Office), was the Attorney General for two years, and am currently publishing the laws of Guam, working on appellate matters and representing the government in its efforts to secure a better status from the United States - so far unsuccessfully.

Yes, I do keep in contact with our political situation with the Aborigines, and a number of the local inhabitants of Guam (Chamorros) are in direct contact with some of these people and attend some of their conferences.

Guam is only 5 hours from Cairns (due North) and this week a contingent from Cairns is here, including the Mayor, to promote Guam-Australia trade.