Bruce Walker

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I have truly enjoyed reading the Bios and felt it was time to add my own.

I began at NSBHS in the infamous 2E and have some vivid memories of classes taught by "Piggy" Cranston, "Yak" Hensley etc and spending time with Tom Mason being told that Alan Walker's son should know better before receiving 4 of the best. Being more interested in sport than studies I tended to scrape through ending with a matriculation level that enabled me to enter Sydney Uni where I completed my BA. During the final year of the BA I felt called to enter the Methodist Ministry and completed my time at Sydney Uni as a resident of Wesley College.

Following a year trying to do a BD via correspondence through the Melbourne College of Divinity I managed to score a scholarship to Garrett Theological Seminary in Chicago (linked to Northwestern Uni) and successfully completed the MDiv. Returning to Australia I was sent by the Methodist Conference to Blaxland, then 4 years later I went to Swansea. These appoinments were followed by a stint on the Uniting Church Board of Mission, which saw me travelling extensively through NSW. In 1980 I went back to the USA and had a church appointment in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for 3 years and then returned to Aust and was called to Forestville (Sydney) followed by a time in Mt Gravatt (Brisbane) until returning to Sydney to be the minister of St Stephen's in Macquarie Street opposite Parliament House.

In Jan 1967 I married Delia Davenport and we have 2 children, Susan and Andrew both of who have a severe hearing impairment, but with a lot of hard work and perseverence they were able to complete the School Certificate and enter the workforce. Susan worked as a computer operator. Andrew went to TAFE and is now a qualified Electrician, the first hearing impaired person to do so in Qld. Delia and I are still happily married and very much enjoying our granddaughter, Vanessa, who is almost 3. I hope to remain at St Stephen's until I retire, at which time we will move back to our home on the Gold Coast to be near our children. Sorry I can't attend the reunion but I hope you all have a great time.