Robert Wilson

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After high school I attended UNSW for a couple of years but didn't graduate. Worked in the family service station business at Cammeray for a few years and then operated my own service station for 2 years. Married for a short time during this time but no offspring.

I spent about 7 years during the late 60's and early 70's in Wollongong working for the CES. This was during the V- war of course so things were pretty interesting. Wollongong was quite a place in 1972 when Gough got in!!!!!!!!

Married again in 1979 by which time I was operating a Hardware store in Lane Cove and married again, this time with 1 daughter, now 21.Attended Mitchell College in Bathurst for a year but again didn't finish. My excuse was/is that I will probably always work for myself and I don't need a degree to get that job!!!

Ran a lawnmower repair shop for about 8 years and was there at the time of the 30th reunion. which I enjoyed. I see Howard Sattler isn't coming this time. I guess he lives too close now!!!

Moved to the US of A in 1997 and now operate a small label printing business in Struthers Ohio. It's a suburb of Youngstown,about half way between Cleveland and Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Youngstown used to be the steel capital of the world but the mills all were closed by the early 80's and it became the crime capital of the USA. Its quite a bit better now and without the pollution, really a pleasant place.

I have kept sailing on and off and still have a small trailer yacht that I sail on local lakes and also on the great lakes. Managed to avoid the recent disturbances - boy did they have a profound effect on the population at large here!!!

I have traveled pretty extensively in the USA and a bit in the UK with Europe on the list for next year.

I guess I don't really consider that I have ever " worked" as I have pretty much been able to do things that I enjoyed. maybe that means I really retired when I left school!!

More hair on my chin now than on my head but I guess that's not the only thing that's slipped!!

Best wishes to all and have a great time at the reunion. Sorry I have to miss it this time, but who knows about the 50th???