Warwick Wilson

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Reading all the bios of late has given me a real kick. It's funny, but I have been recalling of late, the famous Jack Moffatt scripture room at many a dinner party. Mind you, it is now blown out of all proportion like the fishing story ("the room was full to overflowing prior to us closing our eyes in prayer and when we opened our eyes, two thirds of the room had disappeared down to the smoking room").

It is true that I started at NSBHS in 1957 but during that year my brother, Don (then in third year at the same school) and I were severely distracted by members of the opposite sex and other influences. So bad that we both repeated the following year. Don was able to get back on track and complete his Leaving Cert. and a degree at UNSW but poor old W.W. decided that partying and sport were the only way to go, until finally, after the rugby season in fourth year, I proudly announced with cigarette in hand to Yak Hensley that I was retiring prematurely from the education system. So I suppose I can say that I started and finished with you guys.

I really loved playing rugby with Kerr, Barnett, Harkness, Hughes, Sime, Fletcher, Walker, Moore, Myles Winkler, Dwyer, Scott, Blyton, Mill and Carson - a memorable year.

On leaving school, I began a sales cadetship with Townson & Mercer Chemicals, then to Patterson, Laing & Bruce selling dress materials. It was during that time I met Janice and we were married in December, 1966. At the same time, I joined Qantas as a flight attendant and Janice and I had a great time travelling the globe on holidays before the first of our four children arrived in 1970. Our first born (Angus ) also attended NSBHS but did not follow in my footsteps and completed his HSC.

In 1970 I started up the Australian operations for Peter Storm U.K. Ltd (a rainwear and thermal clothing company) along with a few agency lines. Last year, we parted company and Janice and I are now importing some clothing items and are agents for a couple of N.Z. clothing manufacturers. Janice is the chief storelady and packer and I travel all NSW doing the dirty work (well that's what I try to tell Janice!)

We have four siblings, all having left school and in work. Angus is married and living in London and his wife Margaret is expecting their first child (our first grandchild) on October 3rd. In fact they are to blame for my non attendance at your reunion! Angus is a Special Effects Editor having worked on several successful programmes including Walking with Dinosaurs, Alice in Wonderland and Merlin - those three each gaining him an Emmy Award. I must say they look great on his mantlepiece.

After spending two years working in London, Stuart (no.2), married to Elisa, is currently managing a new ice cream and fudge shop in Yarra Glen. What a paradise. I was there last Monday and it leaves the Hunter Valley for dead. Stuart has retired from surfboat rowing in which he excelled having taken out the inaugaural Sizzlers world championship with the Mona Vale club

Dougal (no.3), in love and currently living and working in London as a computer and softwear technician is having a ball. Dougal was also a competitive surfboat rower with an Australian title under his belt also with the Mona Vale club.

Ameliarose (no.4), is working nearby as a trainee real estate person after having also trained as a travel agent and would also like to live and work abroad.

They are all great kids and we are very proud of them.

We live on Bilgola Plateau and have done so since we were married. In all that time I was not aware that Jack M lived nearby.( bloody hell!). My hobbies are surfing, beach running, collecting wine, travelling and entertaining good friends.

Over the years I have bumped into several of the guys, - John Harrison, Warwick Lamb, Mouse Perry, Jack Harkness, Bubs Dwyer.

Once again, I'm sorry I can't celebrate with you but be rest assured I will charge my glass and toast you all at the appropriate time. (either in Istanbul or London).

Best wishes and regards to you all.