Alan Wyburn

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NSBHS 1957 - 1961 - I was student number 169 at NSBHS for 1961. I think Yee comma Hansen was the only student with a higher number. And as we all recall from chanting our thirteen times tables in primary school (pre decimal currency), 169 is thirteen times thirteen. A student number of 169 is something we sufferers of triskaidekaphobia notice and can never get over.

I had thirteen years as a university student (there’s that number again) – in four courses and two universities. Nine years in first year, one in second year, two in third year and one in fourth year (hurray). No wonder I never worked as an engineer – I was sick of it by the time I finished. [That’s all true and verifiable – I was a student at Sydney University from 1962 to 1973 inclusive, until I got a job in Canberra with the Public Service, and had one year at the ANU in the 70’s].

Applied for a job as a pilot with QANTAS but failed the medical – hearing loss in my left ear has signature damage of firing large guns (cadet range days?). Meteorite career in the Public Service – includes 11 years at the ATO, leaving one level lower than I arrived. Now working as finance clerk three levels lower than when I joined the service in 1973. Failed (there’s that word again) Marriage I. Two kids that I know about – boys I think – now just teenagers. Halleluiah for the CSA. BMI 32, and growing as I stoop. BMW 1200cc. Get the drift(er)?

I made a mistake when I nominated A P Wynter as a possible Falconian. I sincerely apologise to all those who wasted time searching for him, particularly to Richard Horsefield and Leo Radom who were given specific challenges for a wild goose chase.

I must have had one of those oldtimer’s moments. When I realised that I had made a mistake, I hoped that if I kept quiet, the Falconians of year 1961 would gradually forget about A P Wynter. Well that’s what my psychiatrist recommends. And it works most of the time, until I see those messages that emanate at odd hours from the University of Wollongong…